Saturday, March 14, 2015


I wanted to focus this post on the importance of work and how it ties into our spiritual lives and our creativity. This has been on my mind as of late for a number of reasons. First the principle of work is a blessing that sometimes goes unnoticed. It seems like the value of work has been forgotten. In the work place, there are certain individuals that take their employment for granted. They falsely believe that it gets easier after retirement. Their whole goal is to make it to retirement. Second, work is the antidote for a lot of psychological issues such as depression. If you want someone to overcome depression, have them work. Third, work will give confidence and self worth to anyone who understands and applies it in their lives. Work has been known to solve a lot of issues not matter what the situation is. It is not just a matter of economic need, it reflects on our spirituality as well. God has taught us the importance of work from the beginning of time. He commanded Adam to work in the Garden of Eden. Then after the Fall, Adam was again admonished to work by the sweat of his face. The Lord knew that the principle of work would give experience and knowledge to better ones own situation. He blessed us with talents and abilities to share with others but also to help us provide for our selves and our families. We must learn and discover those talents so as to give us direction of our chosen academic studies and career path. We all have some talent or spiritual gift. Some have more than others but having a talent and not exercising it does no good. We must perfect our craft and be proficient in our talents but all the discipline and practicing takes work! The media arts takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of talent as well but hard work separates the talented dreamers from success. You ask any successful photographer/videographer and they would say the same thing. You can have all the talent in the world but it is of no use with out hard work. We need to seek out education in our chosen field and pursue it hard. In the media arts there are plenty of opportunities to learn online but I believe the best education is to seek a mentor. To draw from an experienced person is valuable education that you can't get behind a desk. Experience is also a great teacher. By trial and error we learn and grow and get better. Behind all these important principles is the principle of work. We must apply it and be diligent at it. Because this is a business, work will always be a participant. But to learn to love work is beyond making money. To learn to love service and to do it with all of your heart is beyond the "likes" and "comments." To learn the principle of work is to know who God is and what he wants for ourselves. He wants us to be happy. But even being happy requires work. Through work we will learn to love others and help them work out their own salvation. If we learn how to work we will learn how to love because that is how the Savior taught us. Through His Atonement, which is the greatest act of service or work, we will come to realize just how much he loved us. I know this to be true. At the same, I know that work can also be fun. So my video is represents my kind of fun at work. It's all in the attitude. Work doesn't feel like work if you love what you do. Thanks for reading.