Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Honesty is the Best Policy

This week I've taken a step back into memory lane but it wasn't fun revisiting bad memories. I'll save you the grief so I wont share the memory but it has caused me to do some serious self inventory of past business practices and ethics. We've all herd the famous saying "Honesty is the best policy." It doesn't really come to life until you have tested it which I have done many times for good and bad. Experience has taught me it is far better to be honest in my dealings personally, but especially in business. Being honest and ethical means you hold yourself and others to a higher standard of living. Frank Levinson, co founder of Finisar Corporation taught that people innately gravitate towards and ethical environment. In the world today we find those who are very talented and smart but dishonest in their dealings. Sometimes those people find success but it never lasts long. I've learned to never comprise my integrity and to always choose the higher road. A general authority for my church once told of a story of a business partner going to the news paper machine to get the daily news. As he put his quarter in the machine he opened it up to take his news paper but grabbed 2 copies for him and his associate. The associate knowing how small a price it was for the news paper said, "no thank you, but are you really going to jeopardize your integrity for a quarter?" The associate walked off and as he turned around to look back he saw he partner putting more quarters back into the machine. I am thankful for that story because it puts things back into perspective. Are we willing to jeopardize our integrity for such a small price? I'm excited to learn in the coming days from the best of the best of how we can obtain success by keeping our integrity. It really sets the foundation for all young entrepreneurs like me. So no matter what, I make a vow from now on that I will never jeopardize my integrity. Honesty is the best policy because it works. It should be rephrased to "honesty is the only policy".