Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well it's been a trial these past few days with my photography. As you've probably read on my facebook, I've had a few problems with my memory card. I went to take some photos with the family at the Gateway in Salt Lake. We had a great time and I was happy that I brought my camera along. I took a lot of pictures and was really happy with the results. Later on that day I traveled to Provo to hook up with Maka Aulava. He and his wonderful wife showed my sister and I some things that I will be forever grateful for. We had a good time doing some senor pictures with the boys in Maka's ward. After our goodbyes I went home excited about our pictures. As soon as I put my memory card in the computer, some thing happened and I lost all the photos I took that day. That was my trial last week. To make up for it I some how found a way to get a new lens. So for now, I share with you some pictures that I took today with my son. Enjoy!


Maka said...

Photos are looking good! I hope you're liking that new lens! We have to do another shoot together!

Izzieguire said...

Cute pixs Al!! I can't get enuf pixs of Hyrum! hugs & Kisses from Aunty Leeshy!! :) & Cousin Toa.