Thursday, May 7, 2009


My buddy at work and his lovely wife was kind enough to come out for an evening to shoot some photos. I've known Mike for the past 6 months. We both work for South Jordan City. We have a great time talking about our missions and past experiences. He served in Australia about 3 years ago. After which he met his beautiful wife Jacklyn. I was blessed to be with them for the evening. We'll have to do it again. Oh by the way Jacklyn, your turkey only made it half way home....nah just kidding I saved a couple pieces for my wife and son! 




Seini Photography said...

Your doing great! Yeah, I was going to send you this long email explaining about the whole actions bit and then decided I'd do you and myself a favor by posting it. I figure if I share what I learn, and if I'm doing something wrong hopefully someone will call me on it and help a sistah out. There are alot of actions out there, so like I said before make sure you do your research before investing. Good luck!

Seini Photography said...

btw, that is Nita but her baby shower is this Saturday. Shes my girl!