Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long time no see!!

Well it's been over 2-3 months now since I've posted anything. I've been busy working with Bologna Fungi Films. I'm starting to do more filming now days. I think thats the direction I'm gonna head. I'm not leaving photography behind but my time will be more focused on filming. The good news is that I'll be posting videos on my blog. Once in awhile I'll have photos because I still love shooting photography. I still love doing weddings. Can't get enough of it. Anyways, I'm thankful for those who supported me in my photography. Hopefully I'll have the same support in film. I have mixed emotions cause I love photography but I think video is where my heart is. So stay tuned for this coming year.

Much love,



Brian Misinale said...

Handle that bro! Can't wait to see your videos on here.

William Louis said...

Hey bro. It's Bill, Have u uploaded any photo's from Nerisa n Mckay's Wedding? Just askin?...Thanks man, and Good lookin on the filming..Good Job.