Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pressing Forward: Lolohea Family

On the day of the shoot the weather decided that it was going to blow us away. Wind gusts we're close to the 30-40 mph range. The location for our shoot was at a marina close to the bay. I arrived early as usual and decided to walk around and gather my thoughts before the shoot. As I got out of the truck I was taken away by the power of the wind. Five minutes out and my hands started getting really cold. The wind was howling and there was a wind chill of about 45 degrees. I called up my client and we decided to switch the location to somewhere else. With the sun close to sunset I really didn't think we could make it in time. But we pressed forward to the new location. As we arrived, we rushed to get everyone in place for the shoot and luckily came away with a few good photos before the sun went to sleep and the children froze to death? I was so grateful for the opportunity to capture this wonderful family. We battled the wind and pressed forward. Thank you Lolohea family for allowing me to be a part of your photo session. Lessons learned from this shoot. First, the principle of pressing forward. The wind truly provided the resistance of the day. It was symbolic of our trials and challenges. In photography it does no good to be stagnant. IF we are then we lose our creativity and our passion for the art. We must press forward. That means no matter how many times clients cancel, reschedule, our gear breaks down or gets stolen, you name it...we must press forward and think on the fly. If we allow the wind to blow us away, we will "wish" that things could be different and live in regret. This business is tough but if we don't have a vision of where we want to go, we cannot press forward. My vision for the day was to photograph this family. No matter what obstacles we encountered, we still accomplished what we planned 2 weeks ago. Part of the family traveled in from Utah and other far places to get this done. Our vision is what motivated us to press forward. It was truly a blessing to see it all come together in the end. Ofa atu to the Lolohea family. Thank you Tilisa for being our point of contact for this shoot. Press forward everyone!

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